Séamus has spent 30 years building businesses around new technology as founder, executive, CEO and board member. He was developing distributed object-oriented securities trading systems in the 1990s, big data and AI systems before they were cool, and one of the first large-scale enterprise SAS systems. He spent several years in China growing venture funded businesses. In 2015 he left Silicon Valley and moved to Ann Arbor where he is a mentor for TechStars, helped develop the SAE Connected Vehicle Professional program, and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. He is a board member/investor/adviser to a number of technology companies, including including We PredictSpinTechPathwareInvision.AIRally, and The Next Education. Seamus holds degrees in Computer Science and Accounting from the University of Manchester. Outside work, Séamus can be found racing around the thousands of miles of off-road bike trails in Michigan.