We are a driven group of entrepreneurs, engineers and
finance professionals

Our Approach is



Our goal is for your business to reach its full potential. In most cases we can best accomplish this by becoming part of your team, working alongside you to overcome specific challenges.



We view every interaction as an opportunity to build trust, be it conversation, two day review or multiple professionals full time for a year or more. If we are not the right fit we will say so.



We will use our network to help you recruit and retain top talent globally. We will open doors to new customer, supplier and partner relationships at the highest levels. We will go the extra mile or three for you.


Typically one to two thirds of our compensation is tied to achieving successful outcomes. In most cases there is an equity component to our compensation, creating alignment of long term interests.

Our Team


Each member of our team has many years of entrepreneurial, operational, engineering or design experience with leading firms. Perhaps more importantly we have all worked in resource-constrained startups that force rigorous prioritization and focused execution.


Need to establish manufacturing in China, distribution in Europe, or operations in the United States–we have you covered. Need to diligence a technology acquisition in the Asia, or launch a product in North America?–we have been there and done that.


Most of us have worked with each other over the years and Aran provides an opportunity for us to do so again on a project by project basis. We have complementary skills, learn from each other and are passionate about what we do. Most of all we have fun doing it.

    Séamus has spent over twenty years building companies around innovative hardware, software and industrial technology. Most recently as CEO of the world leader in high pressure cavitation systems, transforming it from a federally funded research lab into a commercial business focused on the energy and remediation sectors. He spent several years in China investing from an Aran fund and as CO-CEO of a leading provider of hollow-fiber membrane technology for large scale water treatment applications. Numerous advisory engagements include big data analytics, video transcoding, virtual currency and real-time 3D rendering companies. Prior to Aran, Séamus was EVP of sales, marketing and services for WebWare, an early innovator in enterprise cloud systems for rich media. Previously Séamus was VP of Professional Services at Logic Works, a Nasdaq listed data and business process modeling software company. Prior to Logic Works Séamus managed marketing and channels worldwide for Sybase's professional services business, which grew organically and profitably from 10 to over 1,500 during his tenure. He started his career designing derivatives trading and risk management systems in London and New York.

    Graduating with honors, Seamus earned joint BS degrees in Computer Science and Accounting from the University of Manchester, England and is a frequent speaker at industry events and conferences.

    Séamus Hatch
    Location: Silicon Valley
    Focus areas:
    Connected car
    Internet of things
    Big data analytics

    Mike is a founding partner of Aran. Prior to joining Aran Mike operated his own investment banking firm for over twenty years, specializing in private equity investments in public companies, project finance and project development in the international power industry. He has been involved variously as consultant, developer, financial advisor, joint venture participant or owner of six operating power plants. In addition, Mike has significant background experience in non-power related project finance and investment banking, including experience in mergers and acquisitions advisory, private placements in the wholesale distribution, industrial equipment manufacturing, oil and gas and financial services industries. Prior to forming his own investment banking firm, Mike was the Director of Corporate Finance of Boettcher and Company.

    Mike is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, with a BS in Engineering, and is a graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration, earning an MBA in Finance.

    Michael Bock
    Location: Denver, Colorado