Our goal is to create a compelling path to value for your business. We believe in bottom-up research and scenario modelling, but recognize that the most powerful ideas exploit cracks between established market segments. So we take a pragmatic approach to quantifying the big picture opportunity, while testing the underlying assumptions. We deliver actionable insight and executable plans.

    Obtaining complete, timely, accurate and relevant market and competitive information is not easy, and is frequently overlooked. But committing substantial resources on a hunch or common wisdom is unlikely to deliver superior results over the long term. Aran is adept at sourcing the most relevant internal and external data from around the world, enabling you to focus on running your business. We applying sophisticated analysis and modelling techniques to deliver fresh actionable insights and provide the required rigor to underpin substantial new initiatives. Placing particular emphasis on the evolving competitive dynamics within your target marker helps to avoid rear view mirror analysis and to spot emerging threats and opportunities.

    We work with you to develop and execute corporate strategies that deliver bottom line results. We provide a fresh perspective supported by practical experience and solid research. We take a pragmatic approach avoiding the survey and analysis paralysis that derails many strategic planning initiatives. Scenario modeling helps us to identify likely future outcomes, and tune the plan from both strategic and financial perspectives. We look for ways to exploit structural changes in global markets, build competitive positions around intangible assets (such as intellectual property, brands, talent, and networks) and creatively serving unmet customer needs. We document strategies, assumptions and risk mitigation tactics in models, plans and presentations to enable their clear articulation to investors and employees.

    There are times when you don’t need a new strategy, but want to revisit components of the strategy in the light of execution feedback or changes in the competitive landscape. The scope may be an existing or planned product, line of business, geographic or functional area. We provide an objective, data and experience driven, assessment of your existing approach. We identify key risks, document and help rank mitigation approaches. We explore actions and potential partnerships to seize new opportunities. We work collaboratively with you to strengthen and refocus your team on the revised plan.

    You may have access to a promising early stage technology with many potential applications. We can help you analyze and rank potential markets, quantifying the both the opportunities and risks. Working together we will build a commercialization plan that addresses both technical and market risk. Collectively the Aran team has taken ten of technology from lab to market across many engineering and scientific disciplines. There are always setbacks and obstacles, you benefit from our battle scars resulting realistic, executable and bankable plans.