The time may be right to make a change. Perhaps you want to step back from day to day management partially or fully cashing out. Or realize value locked in non-core operations or intellectual property, or the business may be facing dire liquidity or operating challenges. Providing a fresh perspective we can help quantify and evaluate the alternatives. We will rapidly implement the chosen option minimizing disruption and maximizing shareholder value.

    We help corporations, creditors and equity holders in situations where the financial condition of a company has deteriorated so dramatically that it cannot continue to meet its obligations in a timely manner. Our strong preference is not to be the executioner; we explore ways to make the business viable in whole or in part. Avoiding bankruptcy, if possible, conserves stakeholder value and speeds the process to its conclusion. We assume operating control of the business, tightly manage cash, while working with the stakeholders to achieve an acceptable outcome. Typically we need to arrange incremental or restructured debt financing to support the restructuring.

    We have represented management teams in buyouts and spin-offs of private, public and state-owned enterprises on multiple continents. Frequently one or more members of the Aran network become part of the new management team on an interim or permanent basis. We can help you negotiate buyout terms, secure financing and hit the ground running.

    Mandates can range from resolving family business succession issues through complete divestitures to providing business owners with liquidity and diversification through minority or majority equity recapitalizations. Our involvement has ranged from full-scale representation, where we prepare the information memorandum, identify potential buyers and negotiate the transaction, to special assignments where we may be retained to negotiate a specific transaction with a previously identified buyer or investor. Working with Aran usually motivates the buyer to complete a transaction expeditiously to avoid a potential auction process.