With your technology and business model proven, now is the time to pull away from the pack. We help by providing the skills, contacts and management bandwidth you need to achieve rapid growth without spiraling out of control or running out of cash. These tend to be discrete projects requiring specialized skills for short period of time, typically three to twelve months. We add new capabilities to your organization and transfer our experience to your team.

    We can help you formulate acquisition criteria, identify and contact primary targets, negotiate transaction terms, maintain anonymity; and raise acquisition financing. We also advise the management of companies in formulating buyout plans. Such situations may include advising management on alternative courses of action, presenting the plan to the board, negotiating the terms of the transaction, and arranging financing. By working with us management protects its relationship with the board and shareholders.

    The right joint venture or channel partner can provide access to new markets, products and services without the investment and ramp-up required to build these capabilities organically. The wrong partner, or misaligned incentives, can consume an inordinate amount of management time, corporate resources and ultimately damage your brand. We have decades of experience setting up foreign partnerships that provide a win-win framework. We can identify and diligence prospective partners, negotiate agreements with reasonable safeguards, develop plans and goals for the subsidiary or joint venture.

    We enable you to identify, structure and develop international opportunities that contribute to your bottom line. We have significant experience sourcing from and selling into Asian, European and North American markets. We can help you in develop an international market entry plan, conduct diligence on international business opportunities, establish and operate an international subsidiary, hire and backfill with a strong local team.