We are an eclectic group of entrepreneurs, engineers and recovering bankers from North America, Europe and Asia. We have enjoyed successful private and public exits, but we also carry the scars and learning from our failures. Aran was formed as platform for our ventures and to help entrepreneurs overcome some of the many obstacles to creating value.

Our goal is to create a compelling path to value for your business. We believe in bottom-up research and scenario modelling, but recognize that the most powerful ideas exploit cracks between established market segments. So we take a pragmatic approach to quantifying the big picture opportunity, while testing the underlying assumptions. We deliver actionable insight and executable plans.


“Vision without execution is Hallucination” (attributed to Thomas Edison). Using our network and experience we help you assemble the essential financial, human and other resources for superior execution. Early decisions on capital structure and core team have a tremendous impact on value creation–we help you get it right the first time reducing both angst and dilution.


With your technology and business model proven, now is the time to pull away from the pack. We help by providing the skills, contacts and management bandwidth you need to achieve rapid growth without spiraling out of control or running out of cash. These tend to be discrete projects requiring specialized skills for short period of time, typically three to twelve months. We add new capabilities to your organization and transfer our experience to your team.


The time may be right to make a change. Perhaps you want to step back from day to day management partially or fully cashing out. Or realize value locked in non-core operations or intellectual property, or the business may be facing dire liquidity or operating challenges. Providing a fresh perspective we can help quantify and evaluate the alternatives. We will rapidly implement the chosen option minimizing disruption and maximizing shareholder value.



We love technology, more so when it addresses substantial needs better than the alternatives. We bring decades of hands-on experience across a wide variety of disciplines from computer hardware and software development to industrial and chemical engineering.


Sure we can wheel out the MBA models and academic theory (sometimes they are essential tools). But what sets us apart is the combination of deep technical knowledge and years of experience guiding high growth businesses. We have a good sense of what is likely to work.


We have raised debt and equity for companies and projects as advisors and officers. Often we work against long odds: such as restructuring a large debt facility during the 2008 meltdown and forming venture fund investing in China a decade ago. We are always up for a challenge.

Team & Culture

By nature we are intellectually curious, frequently contrarian and above all hands-on. We work in the trenches as part of your team with incentives linked to successful outcomes and tightly aligned with yours.

We get